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  What is the difference between bison and buffalo?
  -Bison is the scientific name for American Buffalo

  Were bison ever endangered?
  -Yes, bison were slaughtered in the mid 1800's in an effort to eliminate the    Native Amerian's food source.

  How did Native Americans use bison?
  -Native Americans used most of the bison from the meat to the hides,    horns, teeth, tails and more.

  Are bison native to North America?

  How big do bison get?
  -Adult females can reach a respectable weight of 1,000 to 1,400 pounds.
   Adult males can weigh in at 2,000 to 2,500 pounds or more.

  Are bison dangerous?
  -Bison are wild, fast, smart and unpredictable. They can be deadly if they    feel threatened or provoked. Bison ranchers are aware of their wild nature    and never treat them as pets.

  What does bison taste like?
  -Bison tastes like beef, but a little sweeter. There is less of a heavy feeling,    with no game or wild taste.

  Do you cook bison the same way as beef?
  -In a similar fashion, except at a lower temperature because of the lean    nature of the meat (bison needs to be rotated more frequently). Substitute    bison for beef in all of your beef recipes - just be sure to not overcook it.

  Is Beech Hill Bison "all natural"?
  -Yes, and it is processed at USDA or state inspected facilities

  Where can I purchase bison meat? 
  -You can purchase Beech Hill Bison meat at our store, online, at various    stores, stands, and restaurants in the Lakes Region area of western    Maine, and North Conway, New Hampshire.


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